Nuts Original – Moments Collection – Party Snack Box

 23,95 Incl. btw

Strongly associated with the prestige and the good taste, Nuts Original is more and more a name that leaves no one indiferent to it.
After a thorough research and due to the lack of a distinctive concept presented in the world of snacks, Nuts Orignal emerges as the first brand in the world to create a new concept of Premium snacks appetizers, developing a mixture of dried fruit coated and flavoured with various flavours to accompany each type of drink and to accompany every moments. 3 types are available, ideal to combine with Gin & Tonic, Wine & Champagne and  Luxury Beer.

Here, it borns the right “click” that drives the choice of the perfect appetizer to accompany the favourite drink of each one and the pleasure that leads us to travel without leaving the place, just joining the drink with the perfect appetizer.
This “click” and this form of pleasure are entitled by MOMENTS.

All over the world the best ingredients were carefully selected and joined with the best specialists of drinks, we have created an accurate mix with 5 to 6 different flavours which perflectly combine. These flavours were designed to highlight the flavours existent in the drinks in order to create a countless quantity of sensations to the lovers of new flavours, which does not disclaim or forgets an appetizer of excellence to accompany your favourite drink or the moment that requires it.

In each snack a new FLAVOUR, a new TRIP and a new MOMENT.

The Nuts Original provides us all these sensations due to its bold and distinct mix of ingredients, so it is possible to enjoy our
favorite drink with or without alcohol, therefore it becomes an unique ritual which takes us to all these remarkable places.

A true and genuine moment of tasting!


The Party Snack box contains all appetizers you need during your party!

The Party Snack Boxe contains the following products:

3 x 150 Gram Snacks to combine with Gin & Tonic;
3 x 120 Gram Snacks to combine with Wine & Champgne
3 x 150 Gram Snacks to combine with Luxury Beer