Nuts Original – Cup’s Collection – 6Pack

 9,95 Incl. btw

Our Cup’s Collection 6pack contains the following:

3 x LUXURY BEER CUP 80gr – resealable
3 x SENSATIONS CUP 80gr – resealable


Nuts Original has developed 2 beautiful snack products in a RESEALABLE cup of 80 grams.

May we introduce you to the Cup’s Collection: the ideal snack to combine with a beer (luxury beer) or any other of your favorite drinks (Sensations)…or just to have a great tasty snack moment…not too much…just enough.
Your Pure Pleasure, All inside a Cup!

Our 2 flavors

Inspired by the german culture, accompany the most varied Premium and handcrafted beers and surprise their lovers, was selected the best spices throughout the world with the aim of highlighting the true flavor and intensity of beer creating thus a perfect harmony and balance between this two worlds.

In searching of the best ingredients that allow to highlight the flavors of the drinks more incorporated, complete and vigorous, emphasizing its fresh, citrus, sugar and natural aromas was created the mixture Sensations. So, accompany the favourite drink of each one with an appetizer of excellence, becomes an unique and exclusive ritual.