Nuts Original – Complicity Collection – Snack box

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The new Nuts Original “Complicity” line has been carefully developed through a selection of the best dried fruits from various geographical points in the world and from several cultures, irresistible and enriching flavors
for each single palate, providing a true gastronomic trip for each consumer.

Complicity is the feeling that we intend to create between our products and each consumer, so that each tasting is not only one more but indeed the only one, so it becomes a product of choice in the most complicitous moments,
tasting, sharing and on the fraternization with family and friends.

In response to new consumer trends, we have developed this new line for those who care about to know the true nutrients consumed in each serving and in each product, as well as the recommended dose to maintain a natural balance and added benefits to each consumer’s healthy eating.

A new style of premium snacks!

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The Complicity Snack Box is the healthy and delicious snack assortment to have at home and contains the following products:

3 x 120 Gram Salted Honey Nuts;
3 x 75 Gram Mixed Peanuts
3 x 75 Gram Roasted Peanuts