Pasta sauces to add to the pasta

We, Novus Ventus International, love beautiful food and specialties. We believe that food should taste great, look great and should have a beautiful and honest story telling. Only then we find the products good enough to include in our range. And that is why our product range is authentic but with high-quality.

Italian sauce to add to the pasta

As you know we have a beautiful pasta range from the Iozzino family from Gragnano. The funny thing is that Italians traditionally add their home made ingredients to the pasta. They make their own sauce, they add meat or not, they make it spice or not, etcetera. It is an artwork.
When we started to sell the Iozzino pasta to the Dutch market, we got the question…

What about the sauce? We need to have ready-to-eat sauce to add to the pasta: Pasta sauce.

So, the Dutchies want to have sauce to add to the pasta and to make their own Dutch style pasta artwork. No problem…and we went around to find the producer that can prepare the typical Italian style sauces and is prepared to give it to the Dutch pasta lovers in a jar. We found this with the beautiful family company Inserbo, in the village of Angri, close to Gragnano! What a coincidence!

Novus Ventus’ choice on pasta sauce

What is a typical Italian style of sauce? What does it make you experience the Italian vibe or feeling, even if you are eating your pasta at home? In our opinion it is the use of the fresh tomatoes from the regions of Campania, Puglia and Basilicata. Those tomatoes do have a great taste since they were ripened in the southern sun of Italy.
Furthermore we do believe in the traditional Italian recipes of the sauce. This brings the purest flavours to your pasta in a balanced way.
Inserbo succeeded in producing 3 red beautiful ready-to-eat pasta sauces that are simple, but very nice, healthy and pure:

  • Passata Rustica al Basilico – Pure tomatoes with basil
  • Polpa pronta all’arrabbiata  – Pure tomatoes, spiced up with chili pepper;
  • Sugo Pronto alla Puttaneca – Like the arrabbiata, but with olives added.

We are convinced that you like this sauce selection since you will taste the purity of the fresh ingredients that were conserved within 1 day after being harvested.
Inserbo does a great job – try it yourself and add to the sauce whatever you want to make it your personal artwork pasta!

What more?

And if you want to go a bit more exotic on the pasta sauce or you really do not want to add anything and just eat…you can always go for the other pasta line we sell: Don Antonio. Go for the Bolognese or Formaggio. Super nice as well!

Of course we continue our search for other beautiful ingredients to add to the pasta. Stay tuned to find out more on olive oil, cheese, etc.

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