About us

Novus Ventus International is a trading and brokerage company of the Novus Ventus group of companies. This branch is active in food and food concepts. The focus is on premium products and concepts (e.g. artisanal specialties, food pairing concepts but also soft commofities) for premium B2B markets and segments, e.g. fine food stores, hotels, bars and restaurants. Our webshop is our small scale B2C outlet, which is operated in a way that protects the interests of our exclusive partners that sell our products in their physical shops.

Honesty, flexibility and having fun in what we do are the values, the company is standing for.
With its products and services, Novus Ventus International aims for adding maximum value to the client’s needs and demand. In order to do so, Novus Ventus International operates in a low-profile and dynamic way.

Novus Ventus International is exclusive distributor of Nuts Original-Premium Snacks from Portugal.

This new style of snack collections focusses on combining the moment of the day with the right snack that is healthy and delicious. The Moments Collection has the right snacks to combine with drinks, while the 3-times-a-day Collection provides you with a healthy snack during morning, afternoon and evening.

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Novus Ventus International is exclusive distributor of Iozzino, Pasta di Gragnano from Gragnano Italy.

Since 1797, Molino e Pastificio Fratelli Iozzino produces the best and most beautiful Italian pastas you have ever seen and tasted. The pure ingredients and the artisanal way of production create a unique product to prepare a delicious meal. The bronze dye that is used during the production makes sure that the sauce is fully absorbed by the pasta.

Our Iozzino assortment consist out of 15 traditional pastas that really look like art. You have to cook it a bit longer than the retail pasta but it is really worth it!

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